Configuring ChocolateyGUI for non admin use

17 Apr 2020

The other day I needed to fix something on my children’s laptops. This brought to my attention that when I set them up I had given them admin. Naturally this is not an ideal setup. But the issue becomes: How do I grant them the ability to install software without needing to reach out to me too often. Quite simply, they need the ability to run installations as an administrator, but not the ability to just become administrator.

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Announcing #BridgeConf

10 Apr 2020

What is the best part of the PowerShell community? That’s an excellent question. As a community, we have numerous places to gather and exchange ideas, obtain advice, share our expertise, form relationships that extend beyond the confines of an office building.

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Everything you didn't know you didn't know about PSModuleDevelopment

14 Jan 2019


Late in 2018, I had the distinct pleasure of spending a few hours with @FredWeinmann. We spent the time fixing up my PSCUCM Module (Available from the PowerShell Gallery and GitHub). During this session we went through a number of commands and setups utilizing his PSModuleDevelopment module and PSFramework. What will ensue is a multi-part series on Developing PowerShell Modules using PSFramework and PSModuleDevelopment.

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A Foray into vscode-powershell

03 Sep 2018

This is a foray into getting started with the vscode-powershell extension. In particular noting some of the perhaps less obvious things I needed to do in order to get it to build on Ubuntu 18.04.

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So you want to make a VS Code extension

03 Jul 2018

So, you have this great idea for a VS Code extension? But perhaps you’re thinking “where do I start?” Well, fear not! for I have written this post to tell you the answer!

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Windows Print Services in a not-XP world

09 Mar 2016

Recently I’ve had the “pleasure” of troubleshooting Windows print services… You see, we use a CUPS server and samba on Linux to host our printers. We then have a script look at the samba server and map to the CUPS printers using IPP printing. It would seem that on 64 bit Windows 7 (and probably newer, and maybe 32 bit, but we don’t use that one…) Occasionally printing to IPP will just randomly fail (all print jobs show up as error and can’t be resumed or anything). To resolve this issue, we have a script that removes all network based printers, and then deletes all unused print drivers. We then remap the printers and everything kinda sorta works. Except when we have to do this “fix” every day or two.

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Shutdown vs Restart in Windows 8+

08 Mar 2016

Here’s a quick one I learned watching a recent episode of Defrag tools. Turns out, if you choose Shutdown from the Windows start menu, it doesn’t actually shutdown the system like it did in Windows 7 and earlier.

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